Guided Replica

Wed, 01 Jul 2020 18:30:46 +0200

Guided Replica

Today I installed on my VPS. I noticed that I can write some helper scripts around it and here they are.

You can download them from

You can install it like that:

# bind your client $home to /n/rclient

# bind your server $home to /n/rserver

hget | rc

# follow the prompts

This will also install two helper scripts to $home/bin/rc/replica/. Reproto copies one proto over the other. You can choose which one you want to keep. Reupdate is helpful if there are update-update errors. It should automatically solve them (untested, but should work).

Update: replica(1) has issues. Often it does a bad job tracking changes, leaving removed files there and vice versa. I never encountered data loss, only inconsistencies in the copies.

Many people use mkfs(8), which does not overwrite changed files. At some point I will build some scripts around it and use that instead of replica(1).