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This is about me. Hello.

And you can find me …

You can find me in many places

What I do

Game projects

  • ONE of 500 lets you explore the world of the bible at the time of Jesus.
  • puzzles is a port of the Simon Tatham portable puzzle collection to Plan 9.
  • tetris-bsd version 2 of the original bsdgames tetris game.

Software and tools

  • Slate Icon Browser is a browser for Unreal slate brushes. It allows you to copy C++ code for selected brushes, ready to be pasted in your slate code.
  • FingerList is an Android app that displays the fingers of people in a list format. It's meant for small social media experiences.
  • plumbto lets you decide where you want to plumb to.
  • plumbmon — A plumb monitor.
  • rssfill can fill your /lib/news with data from RSS/Atom feeds.
  • libini lets you read .ini files in your Plan 9 programs.
  • pstools is a collection of postscript and troff tools.
  • epublish ebook publishing tools.
  • glossy is a LaTeX package that helps with typesetting interlinear glosses over many pages (I used it to typeset the bible).
  • gridchat Dis/Inferno version.
  • fingerd finger server for Plan 9.

Proof of concepts, tests, …

  • gridchat web is a web client for the 9gridchan hub chat. It's made as a progressive web app, so you can install it on your phone.
  • grid irc wrapper allows you to access grid chat using an irc client
  • notif is a notification system for Plan 9 based on the plumber.
  • … (see my shithub and other sources).