9front on Netcup VPS

Mon, 29 Jun 20 18:39:39 CES

Today I installed 9front on a Netcup VPS. Here are some notes if you want to do it yourself.

I used the smallest VPS option. Currently, that's “VPS 200 G8”. It costs like 2.69 Euro, but you might be able to find some way to make it cheaper.

After ordering it might take some time until the server is up and ready. By default debian was installed in a GPT, we can ignore that.

Before we can install our custom ISO we first must upload it somewhere. This is done via FTP (you get the access data from the SCP), I used windows default file explorer (ftp://user@address, enter password). Copy the 9front ISO in /cdrom. This will take some time.

Meanwhile you can delete the virtual disk and create a new one. You need your SCP password for this. This step is necessary to remove the GPT. Of course you could manually reformat the disk, but deleting the disk will save time.

In the settings you can virtually insert the iso as a DVD and verify the boot order (DVD first). Start up the machine and switch to the web VNC display.

At this point you can proceed with the default 9front installation described in the fqa. Don't forget to install the MBR and activate the partition. Otherwise there are no additional special steps besides manually configuring the /lib/ndb/local after installation. In my case I made an auth server.

Currently it seems to work fine. I installed the machine today, so there might be some issues I didn't find yet.