HTTPS on 9front

Mon, 16 Aug 21 10:36:56 CES

HTTPS on 9front

I was able to switch my website hosting to 9front completely! This is thanks to ori’s aclient (acme client which works with letsencrypt). This change makes my website deployment much easier since I’m fully writing on 9front and also deploying to 9front. The only thing missing is that the source repository is on github, but that’s fine since we also have git9.

I’m writing this short blog post on my smartphone via drawterm for android, and I’m sure we’ll get a proper documentation for how aclient works (btw the man page is very well documented), so I’ll just add some short note about how to use the certificate with tcp80 and tlssrv.



/bin/tlssrv -c/sys/lib/tls/acmed/mydomain.tls.crt /bin/tcp80