I use 9front

Fri, 22 May 20 02:00:00 CES

I use 9front

Today I want to share with you, that I use the plan9 distribution “9front” as my main computer.

Of course there are things that are almost impossible to do there, for example: all gamedev related stuff. This is of course an issue, because I am a game developer. I still have my windows machine with relevant tools, so I can still fiddle around with those complex things.

For gaming I also use my windows machine or some game console. Yes, there are a few games on plan9 systems.

Also most online services use javascript and heavy styling of webpages, so I also use a modern computer with a modern browser. Mothra is fine for doing basic research stuff, but in 2020 it’s almost impossible to actually do things on the web.

Anyways, let me tell you that I don’t really miss anything on plan9. I can write documents, check my email stuff, chat with people, and step by step it becomes more usable. The community is helpful and provides more applications. The system runs stable, the user interface is consistent and good to look at. Colors don’t jump in your eye and want to kill you and there’s catclock(1), our friendly companion.